(Natural News) One of the most common problems you may face during a survival scenario is the lack of electricity or communication. With the power out and no working cell phone in sight, things may get a little challenging when SHTF. This is why it is important to have electronics as part of your survival […]

Mom Medical First Aid Kit When it comes to being a mom, how are you going to be prepared? Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Mom Kit from Medical Gear Outfitters with Candace, Mrs. Skinny Medic.  First thing we’re going to show is the Mom Kit which is something that is […]

The line between medicinal and poisonous plants is very thin. Sometimes the very thing that heals you can kill you if you consume too much of it. And that is as true of pharmaceuticals as it is for plants. But over time, we have become convinced that a chemical synthesized in a lab is safer […]

(Natural News) You don’t need to buy a new car for your bug out vehicle. In many cases, your old car will do just fine; you just need to make sure you’ve prepared it right. Any car can be used as a bug out vehicle, regardless of age. What’s important is how you prepare it. […]

(Natural News) Foods like mushrooms, seaweed and sugar from leaves may be the best way to create a sustainable diet in extreme SHFT situations, such as during a nuclear winter. This is according to David Denkenberger, a mechanical engineer at the University of Alaska who runs the non-profit Alliance to Feed the Earth in Disasters (ALLFED), which researches ways to […]

(Natural News) The coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic isn’t going away any time soon. And it looks like it’s going to continue affecting the supply chain as author Michael Snyder warns that things will get even worse by the end of 2021. According to Snyder, who wrote “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America,” the inflation the country is currently […]

(Natural News) Knowing how to grow or where to find plants that can be used as natural remedies is an important survival skill. This ensures that when SHTF, you can still treat minor complaints like headaches or migraines. If you frequently suffer from headaches, use willow as a natural alternative to aspirin. (h/t to PreppersWill.com) Foraging […]

(Natural News) Water is crucial to your survival, especially in a post-SHTF scenario. If you’re stuck in the wilderness without any water, you can prevent dehydration by monitoring your water supply and learning how to find water in the wild. (h/t to ProperSurvival.com) Why is it important to stay hydrated? Drinking enough water keeps your […]

(Natural News) Basic emergency supply bags normally include water, food, lighter or matches, flashlight and first aid kit. Ordinary items that can turn into amazing survival tools are often overlooked. These odd items are easy to find and can be real life-savers after an SHTF event. Chopsticks can come in handy in situations where the only […]

Rice is definitely a versatile and filling ingredient. Many meals can be made using cooked rice, and existing ones can be stretched by adding more. There are two kinds of rice sold on the market – white rice and brown rice. White rice has a shelf life of up to two years, while brown rice […]