Would you Eat Rat Meat in SHTF?

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We live in a world of infinite convenience. Food is delivered to supermarkets en mass and they throw a lot of it away or donate it to food banks.

 American’s waster 50% of their food on top of that! We can hardly understand starvation. 

In 1st world American terms, starvation is a matter of going 5 hours without eating. We get irritable and even say the phrase, “I am starving!” 

In SHTF one of the first things we will notice is real hunger. People will eat through their pantries in weeks, at most, and then they will get desperate. That is the reality of what we deal with when we see the shelves go bare. 

Eating Rats 

This is not something that is uncommon. Through different points in history and in different parts of the world, rats have been and are food. 

While they are not the most sanitary creatures to handle they do offer up some meat and in a world where things get ugly, you might have a different view of rats. 

There are many recipes and ways to eat rats. 

Food Storage

There is real validity to the phrase “3 days from chaos” and it has to do with the food supply. Maybe you are reading this article and you dont like the idea of eating rats. Well, now is the time to invest in serious food storage. 

Start developing a prepper’s pantry and investing money in building a supply of long term food storage like rice and beans. If you have food you have power. That is exactly how you should look at it. 

The opposite is just the same idea. If you need to depend on someone else for food you are either going to be starving, enslaved or eating rats! 

In this age of convenience, you can stock up on food storage easily. 


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