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Being unprepared can get you in big trouble (or worse) when SHTF. Preppers know this, which is why they set up their preps ahead of time, not after receiving warnings about a disaster that’s about to hit their area. (h/t to TheModernSurvivalist.com)

Don’t get used to waiting for an official announcement that a disaster will strike because you can’t always predict it. While some natural disasters can be predicted, being prepared before things get out of hand is better than scrambling like a chicken with its head cut off when SHTF.

Act now, not later

Unfortunately, even those who’ve already gone through a disaster remain complacent when they should have already learned their lesson.

Even if you’re living in one of the safest cities in the world, there’s a chance that someone with bad intentions will try to hurt you or loot your home. It pays to learn self-defense and how to use a weapon now, so you can protect yourself and your family.

While things seem quiet, you can start signing up for lessons for self-defense and fortifying your home.

Physical and mental fitness are two crucial aspects of prepping. Exercising regularly and following a balanced diet can ensure that you will be fit enough to lift your gear and heavy supplies when SHTF and you must evacuate and bug out to a safer location.

Prepping before SHTF

Unexpected financial hardship

Set aside an emergency fund. This ensures that you have funds for financial emergencies, like injuries or unemployment.

Long-term grid-down scenario

Before your neighborhood loses electricity for days and even weeks, set up a stockpile of food, water and gear for the whole family.

Make plans for backup power. Set up emergency comms and try to find like-minded individuals in your neighborhood that you can trust when SHTF.

Small-scale natural disasters

If you’re living in an area that’s frequently flooded or often experiences hurricanes, that is a very good reason to make the necessary preps long before these scenarios occur. Prepare bug-out bags (BOBs) for yourself and the whole family, and find a safe bug-out location for when you need to evacuate.

If you plan on bugging in, prepare a survival stockpile in your house and secure it. Rotate your supplies regularly, particularly food and water, to avoid ending up with expired products.

Crime or civil unrest 

Civil unrest is more likely to occur in highly populated urban areas. Still, no matter where you’re living, it’s best to stock up on supplies for situations like this, so you don’t have to leave your house unless it’s necessary.

Set up an alarm system and become proficient with your weapon of choice, so you can defend yourself and your loved ones in case a looter targets your home.

Be friendly with your neighbors and let them know they can trust you, so they may return the favor. When SHTF, you will need all the help you can get.

A superbug or a biological weapon

To prep for these scenarios, set up a clean water supply to prevent the spread of diseases. Stock up on water and have a quality water filtration system. Plan for proper sanitation and stock up on the necessary supplies for maintaining proper hygiene. (Related: Prepping for a pandemic: What you should do before, during and after it strikes.)

Now is a good time to learn how to use your gear. Don’t just let your tools collect dust in the garage or storage room. Make sure the food that you stockpile includes items that your family will be willing to eat during a long-term survival scenario, so your prepping doesn’t go to waste.

The whole point of prepping is to do it SHTF. Make the necessary preparations now, before it’s too late.

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