I have a question. Would you please take a moment to explain your own prediction of how SHTF will occur in USA? How do you think it will be different than in your own country? How do you predict it will start, and how will it spread? Finally what is your prediction of how will SHTF end? Of course it is only your personal prediction but I highly value your words. If you would respond to this question I would be most grateful. Thank you.

It is hard to give any prediction for anything, but my opinion, and i say again it is only my opinion. It is gonna be very bad. Worst. Why? Several reasons, and to say at beggining most important reason is not about it is USA, most important reason is because it is highly industialized and modern society.

And great majority of people is forget, or even never heard about lot of things, like how to grow food, or how to be without eletricity, internet,clean water. How to fight for that almost every day.
How to wash their clothes, with hands, how to roast coffe beans on fire, how to transfer big tree into the small firewood. How many households in modern society have wood stoves in their houses, apartments?

There s gonna be lot of desperate people.There is gonna be a lot of angry people.

It is not about USA, it is actually how modern society is, funny but for poorly organized countries it is gonna be like “oh my God, not again” but for modern societies it is gonna be like “oh my God it is the end of everything”. Big difference.

Now please do not understand me wrong, at the end all comes to the single man,and groups of people,how good they organized. Societies will fail. Prepared man can survive lot of things.
Everything comes to the end, i am beliveing that we are not first here, and not gonna be last on this place, important thing is what kind of people we gonna be?

We as humans have become arrogant and forgot where we come from.

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