I wouldn’t necessarily categorize the Volcano 3 as a survival stove, though; it could be used as one. The reason being is the weight. At 25 pounds, it would be difficult to pack in a survival kit and tote around the backwoods. We can call it the perfect Prepper stove however.

This stove is capable of providing you and your family three meals a day for as long as it takes during any crisis or emergency. I like that it collapses to five inches with a quick snap of the wrists. It is ready to pack away in minutes after you have let it cool down, of course, and remember to be responsible when disposing of hot ashes from a wood or charcoal fire, and never use this stove in an enclosed area even if you are cooking with it using propane.

With that being said, however, it is perfect for emergencies at home, or if you become stranded in your vehicle and it makes an ideal camping stove. It is ideal because it can utilize propane, charcoal, and wood. It will easily pack away in your trunk or cargo space and keep one in the garage for when the power is out.

It collapses to five inches for transporting and all components fit in the carrying case.

There is an optional hood for the Volcano 3 Collapsible Grill/Stove that allows you to smoke and bake using the stove, and yes, the hood really does allow you to bake and smoke using the Volcano 3.

Ideal for Canning

Because your new Volcano 3 Collapsible Grill and Stove uses propane, canning is made easy outdoors. When using propane you can control the heat and thus can any foods as if you were inside on your electric or gas range, and furthermore, you will not be heating up the house. When the power is out in the middle of the summer, you certainly do not want to add more heat to the home.

Stockpile enough propane for canning and other cooking or baking that requires regulated and consistent heat. Wood and charcoal of course, will cook many of your meals, but it is very difficult to regulate or provide consistent heat for baking bread, pies, biscuits, and so forth using wood or charcoal.

Ideal accessories for your stove would include a set of various sized Dutch Ovens. This stove and a Dutch oven, for example, would be all you need to prepare any meal in your backyard, at the campsite or during any emergency. Being able to use three different fuels means, you will never be without the ability to cook in any situation.

Put one in the boat when you go fishing, have one packed for hunting trips, and take one to the game for tailgating, and always have one in your vehicle, at home for emergencies, and at the  campsite.

When using wood or charcoal there is an air vent at the bottom to control airflow, and while the stove is designed to cook with pots and pans, you can place food directly on the top grate for grilling. Remember the grates are not far from the flames, so don’t put a steak on the grate, and wander off.

Manufactures’ Description Along With the Contents

If You Grill With Briquettes, Place Your Briquettes On The Diffuser Plate For A Better Searing Temperature.

As I had told you earlier this stove would not be ideal for a bug-out-bag, but it would be perfect for your bug-out-location and for certain emergency caches. Because it burns wood as well as charcoal and uses propane you can use it anywhere wood is available.

EMP’s are on everyone’s mind these days and no one is sure what would or would not work if an attack were to occur. Newer appliances regardless of what they are may have some sort of electronics in them and could be rendered useless, so you need a backup cooking method for the home.

You don’t have to wait for an emergency either. If you have a 20lb propane cylinder, charcoal or wood, you can start grilling in your backyard anytime.   

Final Thoughts

For a week straight I cooked every meal I ate on the Volcano Grill; everything from your typical grilled burgers to fried eggs, even smoked salmon. The process was easy to control and produced nearly perfect results every time. What amazed me was the efficiency of the grill, it used far less fuel than something like a typical Weber. The versatility was also nice as it fits a Dutch oven that is twelve inches or smaller, being designed to cook with pots and pans opens up all kinds of cooking possibilities. Whether utilizing the Volcano Grill solely on its cooking merits or as a SHTF cooking alternative, it is one piece of gear to consider.  If you are interested, you can purchase a Volcano Grill on Amazon for $146.99.

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