If there is a disaster and there is no food on the shelves, what will you eat? Where will you find food? Should you be trapping for food?

Trapping for Food After SHTF

Picture this: No food in the stores. What is your first thought?

“I’ll hunt for food!”

That’s what I thought too, until I realized that everyone else will attempting to hunting too. Wildlife will hide. People who aren’t hunters will shoot anything that moves, including themselves and others. It will be forest mayhem.

You’ll have plenty on your mind already, with protecting your loved ones and supplies from roving gangs and looters, while trying to lay low. How will anyone have time to hunt?

To make things even worse, everyone will be stomping around the forest and scaring the food, you’ll have to spend longer looking for wild game.

The smart move will be to make the food come to us! Why hunt for food when you can catch food while doing other things? Multi-tasking will be the key.

Traps and snares
Some leg traps and snares placed at strategic locations along trails and streams, creeks, and rivers should provide some good meat. Animals will hide from hunters and humans, but they’ll still need to hunt and to drink water.

I know many of you have never trapped or setup snares, but if you Google “rabbit snares” and you’ll see how easy it is to snare small game, with nothing but some wire.

In addition to the traps and snares, you should setup some “trotlines” and Fish YoYos to catch fish, without fishing.

For those of you who aren’t very outdoorsy, let me give you a quick tip:

Squirrels may not look like much, but many a pioneer survived on fried squirrel.

Luckily those suckers are lazy. All you have to do is prop a stick or log against a tree and they will take that new route almost every time. If you happen to put a bunch of snares on that log, they’ll walk right into the trap. Squirrels do have an unfortunate instinct to leap once they are caught, so they leap right off the log with the snare around their neck.

The funny thing about squirrels, they’ll go down the same log that just hung 20 of their friends, just to see what the heck is going on.

Instead of just hunting and foraging the wilds for food, make sure to add some trapping to your bag of tricks.. Set traps in places that make sense. This allows you to handle other survival business, while the food comes to you. Many people think they can hunt, but how many know how to trap? Get some books and read up on trapping now, so you can feed your family and make cool fur crafts after the SHTF.

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