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What would you do if the lights went out…for good?

Sure, we don’t need electricity to survive, but how many things have you forgotten how to do without it? What skills did your great-grandparents utilize to live without technology?

There are some things that simply cannot exist without electricity. There are two solutions to living without commercial power, learn to do things the old way, or make your own electricity. Solar power is one of the answers. Lots of folks think solar is “too expensive”, and for some, you might have other prepping priorities.

Do you know the full story of off-grid solar power?

Here are a few other misconceptions about solar power. 

Solar Only Works When the Sun is Out

Solar power systems are made up of batteries that store power for when the sun goes down. These can also store energy for when the sun is blocked out by the clouds. 

While you need the sun to power those batteries and store that energy you do not need sun 24/7. 

Solar Cannot Power a Home

Not only can solar power collect enough energy for your whole home, but some systems can also collect so much power that it can be sold back to the power company! You can actually make money off of your solar power system! 

Solar is too Expensive

Not only is solar power much more affordable, but many solar companies offer payment plans that can be extremely affordable. 

The most effective solar systems can be installed to sell power back to the power company and eliminate your power bill! In this model, you basically replace your power bill with a payment plan for your solar power system. 

It doesn’t get much better than that! Now is the time to consider solar power even if just for partially powering your home.


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