Top 10 Ways To Control Traffic If SHTF In Your Neighborhood

There are a wide variety of disasters that could potentially effect anyone of us and we should stop and spend some time thinking how we could potentially redirect, divert or detour traffic from coming in or around our homes if the situation got bad enough. In the video below I talk about what I think are the Top 10 Ways To Control Traffic If SHTF.  If you prefer to read I have the ways typed out for you below. Also feel free to print this page as a .pdf file and include it in your emergency binder as well to give you ideas should you ever need them.  

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Below Are My Top 10 Suggestions For Controlling Traffic If SHTF

Cutting trees that line the roadways to block them off.
Telephone poles might work, but would be dangerous because many transformers can act as capacitors and hold a charge even if power is out. So they are prolly not a good idea to use.
Construction signs, road closed and detour signs, Looters will be shot, etc.
Tire spike strips, caltrops, roofing nails, etc. Obviously these will need to be placed well away from and down the street from your home because flat tires can take a while to deflate.
Create a traditional road blocks. Always make sure to establish multiple defensive fighting positions and have at least one over watch.
Digging trenches across the road. Having a ditch witch and some heavy equipment will be a huge force multiplier!
Insert large heavy objects like decorative boulders in the roadway making it difficult to approach quickly. Set them up in a serpentine pattern.
Cables or chains, stretched across the road and anchored to a very stable or heavy object making it hard to pass. 
Make Hesco style barriers using 4 x 16ft hog panels and a large tarp folded into a square and filled with rock and debris. 
Stretch barbed wire, or razor wire strung across roads at varying heights making approach dangerous, difficult and frustrating. 
The general idea with most of these suggestions is using the assumption that most criminals will avoid places that are difficult to get to and look well guarded and will instead prefer to take the easy targets first.  But there could always be those highly arrogant and savvy criminals who may recognize that you might have something worth defending.  However if you construct these right these will make their attack much harder and make your place more defensible.

What ways would you block or control traffic in your area if SHTF?

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