The Steps to Take After Buying Homestead Land

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You can get so wrapped up in the hunt for land and the price of land and the perfect piece of land itself you forget what’s next.

It’s not a hard thing to do. The day will come when you are standing on several acres of pristine land and it will be all yours. At that moment you will be hit with the shocking reality that now its time to get to work.

Have you any idea what might come of your beautiful land. What is step number one? 

You see, a piece of land requires management. These things dont just happen on their own. So let’s look at some consideration you will have to make upfront. These will be the things you must decide as a new landowner

How Much Land to Clear

Chances are you are going to have to clear some trees or some brush. What does that look like? How much land do you need to grow food on? You dont want to spend undue time and money on clearing land that you dont intend to use. 

Consider how much land you have to clear and get to it! 

What About Water

If you have a homestead, you are going to need water. 

Are you going to drill a well, is there a water source nearby or are you going to try and catch as much water as possible? 

Your water needs will be the next thing to address. Be sure you have access to clean potable water that you can use for the land and the body. 

Create Your Homestead Plan

Once you have considered these two things its time to create your homesteading plan. What kinds of animals do you want to fill that land with and how much food are you going to grow? It’s not easy but it’s going to be well worth it. 

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