It is a surreal state of affairs we all live in today. Although we do all face some similar very challenging circumstances, I think we need to break our planning down to what is optimal for the job at hand. As for my SHTF weapon I needed a weapon that was concealable and easily carried. I live in an urban environment without the option of bugging out. Grocery stores are still open and at some point, I will probably have to go there. My place of employment remains open and I am expected to show up.

My threat assessment has two parts. First, while at home and second, when outside of the home. Inside the home, I am relatively secured with a number of weapons. Outside my home was what I considered my greatest danger. I have a number of elderly neighbors. I know I will be keeping an eye on them, as well as going to work, and inevitably going for sustenance. Today I will focus on the latter: leaving my castle.


I live in Albuquerque. A favorite for filming the television show “COPS”. Favored because of the constant criminal antics going on. We always rate high in aggravated assault, homicide, home invasions, theft, etc. We have no shortage of “wolves” out on the prowl here.

Besides my sidearm, I wanted something I could hide, but keep enough firearm to egress to home. Something I could hide on my lap while my wife goes into the grocery store. I watch the entrance and parking lot while keeping comms with her.

Two programmable transceivers would be better, but one is enough

My FM-9 was the obvious choice for an SHTF weapon. It has a light/laser already mounted and takes the same magazines as my sidearm. I find the 10.5″ inch barrel allows my 9mm to accurately engage anything I need to in the city environment. With my goal to break off any engagement and return home, it is perfect.

SHTF Guns: Foxtrot Mike FM-9 and Shadow Systems MR918

The lower is built on a Moriarti stripped lower with LRBHO. My trigger is a CMC flat-faced 3.5 lbs drop in. I went with an ambidextrous Strike Industries safety and an SB Tactical PDW Adjustable Brace.

My weapon light is a Crimson Trace LiNQ. I like the wireless connection between the pistol grip and the light. Although the 300 lumens are not optimal outside, inside it does its job just fine. The green laser is a plus. Admittedly, I am not a big fan of lasers, but on this weapon, I have grown to appreciate it.

SHTF Guns: Foxtrot Mike FM-9 and Shadow Systems MR918

It should also be said that everything on my FM-9 was bought out of pocket; nothing was sent to me through TFB.

My secondary is my Shadow Systems MR918. You can see my review on it here. It is my standard EDC. I still feel it is one of the best out-of-the-box pistols on the market in the sub-one thousand dollar range. I fire it weekly and have never had a problem with it. With the tighter tolerances, it is very accurate. With a front night sight and a good trigger, I am very comfortable carrying it. I see no reason to change my EDC.

Two weapons, one cup,…uhh.. I mean mag.

Ammunition was the first issue I found when addressing my “plan”. During normal times, 150 rounds of hollow points seemed more than enough. Plenty for a couple fifteen round magazines. But when I started loading ALL my magazines, including my 30 round mags, I ran out quickly. Although I wish I had more, I do have enough. I prefer Hornady Critical Duty but loaded a couple of boxes of other brands I had stored away out of necessity.

SHTF Guns: Foxtrot Mike FM-9 and Shadow Systems MR918

Out of all of my weapons, this is my best option for my SHTF weapons when leaving the castle. A firearm is merely a tool, so find the right tool for the specific task at hand. My “in-castle” choices are different. I guess I still think like a first responder where the first goal is to get home safely. It is a good rule to have when leaving home, just a little more poignant in current times. Do not look for a fight, but make sure you are protected and can get home safely if one finds you.

I hope all our readers are safe out there. Do any of you have an SHTF weapon for leaving the castle?

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