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What if your entire world fell apart in an instant, the closest people in your life ripped away, without a chance to say goodbye?

Most in the prepping community are armed to the teeth and have a stockpile of food, water and medical supplies. The prepping community wants to be fully equipped and materially prepared for any disaster that may lie ahead. What many are not prepared for is dealing with the emotional, physical and psychological pain that can come from great loss and catastrophe.

As Americans turn to prescription opioids and antidepressants for various forms of pain relief, there are better ways to manage pain that do not require a prescription and do not impart side effects and physiological addiction.

Is CBD oil a must-have preparedness item?

Should you rely on natural cannabidiol (CBD) oil for pain relief when disaster strikes? Advertisements for CBD oil are popping up all over the place, and many people are now clinging to this plant-based extract for pain relief.

The endocannabinoid system of the human body regulates appetite, pain, immune response and sleep cycles along the cannabinoid receptors on cells. CBD oil communicates along these receptors, regulating these important bodily functions. CBD can be therapeutic because it acts as an antioxidant in the body. A little bit goes a long way, so it is easy to stockpile for emergencies.

During stressful times, CBD can help because it reduces the quantity and severity of inflammatory compounds in the body. Even at low doses, CBD can be used to improve the body’s response to stress. As a neuro-protectant, CBD can quell feelings of anxiety and bring about a sense of calm. It can even induce more restful sleep, helping the body recover from a stressful and/or emotional day.

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Having CBD oil during a calamity will keep you from relying on doctors and drug dealers for pain relief. While it is not as powerful as prescription opioids, CBD is also not physiologically addictive. During a disaster, your family will need to look up to you as a reliable leader who can think clearly during times of severe stress.

CBD oil, although a natural solution for many ailments, can become a material excuse to perpetuate anxiety. If you cannot deal with reality and constantly feel the need to have CBD, you can form a psychological attachment to the substance and your condition. For some, CBD could become habit-forming substance that allows you to wallow in pain and seek sympathy. If used responsibly, CBD oil can be a therapeutic way to cope with grief and high stress – in the short term. Be mindful of psychological attachment to any substance as this can cause self sabotage in the end.

Here are some things to consider when selecting CBD oil for your bug out bag or home preparedness kit: Choose an extract that is packaged in a dark, amber glass bottle. This will protect the phytochemicals in the formula from light damage. Also choose an extract that is organic and not genetically modified. It is best that the extract has been quantified – its potency validated by a laboratory.

CBD oil is structurally different from hemp oil. The two oils should not be confused. Hemp oil is a nutritious extract obtained from the seed of the plant. It is a great cooking oil that contains vitamin E and healthy fats. Moreover, CBD oil will not get you high, for it only contains trace amounts of THC. It is available over-the-counter in all 50 states.

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