Lately, I found myself less and less on social networks, forums…places where people sharing their thoughts and ideas about survival and the situation where we are now.

There are few reasons for that but the two main reasons are:

  1. I have a real life, and it is basically pretty rough because I already lived in a non-functional society before this Corona mayhem. When pandemic started it simply finished and functionality in it. So it is an everyday struggle with real life. Not too much time to sit and write something – sorry.
  2. It is frustrating, very frustrating, to see that most of the things are going in the direction that I’ve described, written, explained years ago, and for years, and I can not do anything other than to write an article here and there.


The “camping trip” stage ends there, and the new stage of SHTF starts.

In that new stage of SHTF, the rules are different, because “Jim the neighbor” will conclude too that he probably has only a few days left of food for his kids, so he need to look for other solution of acquiring goods.

The camping trip stage ends when your neighborhood finally understands that this is not a temporary event.  It is not ending in a week or two. Nobody is coming to help. They are on their own to look for resources. And in that game of “looking for resources” new rules usually apply, or more precisely – no rules.

Now, as I said every SHTF has a camping trip stage. Sometimes it is so short that you are not noticing it, and sometimes it can last for months. I think we in many regions in the world, or perhaps worldwide, are very close to the end of the “camping trip” stage. Since it is a worldwide event, and it has been and is increasingly complicated and influenced with many many other factors like political or racial tensions, or very hard immigrant issues, we cannot really predict how far will go that “I’ll look only out for myself” both on a national level and on your local community level. We don’t know how interaction between those two levels will work and what exactly will come from all of that, but we can clearly establish that we are moving to a new phase, beyond the ‘we’ll get through this together‘ stage.

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Think he’s probably right. And be careful, VERY CAREFUL, of who you trust. Think you can trust your half-back neighbors? How about those “guys” you trained with, but didn’t really know? How about your liberal brother-in-law?

My advice, and it’s worth exactly what you paid for it, is to trust no one. It’s simply my own philosophy. I wrote previously that eventually you’ll have to trust someone. You might. But not right now. When TSHTF, the only ones you MIGHT be able to trust are those that don’t need anything from you. And STFU about your guns, your preps, your bug-out location. As contrary as it seems, and as difficult as it may be, it probably is time to start becoming just a bit grey.

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