pepper spray and store it at key points around your apartment. Keep a as both a torch and a weapon. And stay fit. Those looking to break in are after easy targets, so do whatever you can to develop your fighting skills and make yourself a less-attractive target.

Have an escape plan

In a small apartment a safe room is usually impossible. Especially if you’re in a one-bedder or a studio. So it’s important to have an escape plan. Know exactly what you will do if someone comes barging through the front door, whether you’re on the ground floor and can run straight out the back, or you’ve got a fire escape or a rope ladder you can use to get out of a window quick. Plan now, just in case.

Being safe in your apartment isn’t something you need to get paranoid about. Follow these steps to ensure you’ve done your best, and consider if there’s anything that’s missing for your specific situation. Take a critical look at your apartment like an outsider would and think about how you’d break in. Then fix it. That’s the key to staying safe, being one step ahead of those trying to break in.