While I was Christmas shopping, I came across a new water filter by Sawyer called the Mini. After checking out its specifications and seeing how many different ways it could be used, I had to pick one up. I have been using the Lifestraw for a while now and it goes with me whenever I’m hiking and fishing and I also have one in my bug out bag as well. But after comparing these two filters and seeing all the benefits of the new Sawyer, it looks like I will be replacing the Lifestraw in my bug out bag with the Sawyer.

Now don’t get me wrong the Lifestraw is an excellent filter, but in my opinion the Sawyer is a far better filter and here is why. First the specifications on the Sawyer are a lot better, not only does it filter down to 0.1 microns, but it also filters 100,000 gallons of contaminated water compared to Lifestraws 264 gallons. If that alone isn’t enough to convince you check out the other features of the Sawyer below.

Now here is where the Sawyer really outshines the Lifestraw, not only can it be used like a straw, but it can also be attached to standard disposable water bottles, hydration packs, or the included drinking pouch. That means no more crouching down and sticking your face near the water to get a drink. Now you can just fill up your hydration packs or your disposable water bottles and be on your way, which makes it a lot more versatile than the Lifestraw.

Even though both filters weigh in at 2 ounces and are roughly the same diameter, the sawer is about half the length of the Lifestraw making it more compact. Now for the price, the LifeStraw sells for $19.99 on Amazon and the Sawyer Mini sells for $20.85. So for $.86 cents more you can have a more versatile water filter that can filter roughly 378 times more water. Keep in mind neither of these two filters can remove chemicals, dissolved solids, or viruses. However, viruses are very rarely found in North America or when traveling to foreign cities.

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