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Puerto Rico is an island and I think when we saw that massive storm bearing down on the island we knew what was coming next. The first story I read was that the island could be without power for up to 6 months.

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That was a terrifying realization in the modern world. I thought it would be very interesting to see how our nation responded. I was interested in seeing what aid looked like to an island that is so decimated.

SHTF Logistics

We learned from Puerto Rico that its not just about having the supplies and resources. There has to be a means of getting those resources to the people who need them. That takes logistics. Without planning how food, water, and medicine will move, following a disaster, you really have nothing. 

You can look at it the same way as the supply chain. Its post-disaster supply chain. 

The Florida Panhandle 

While Puerto Rico got a lot of press there was very little given to the Florida Pan Handle. At this moment there are still people living under little more than blue tarps. Whole lives have been reduced to meager belongings and tarp overhead. 

This terrifying situation is happening in the United States of America. It got almost hip to point out the fact that the people of Puerto Rico were suffering. Of course, no one wants to see that but what is happening in the Pan Handle is very alarming. 

What this tells us about FEMA is very clear. These government agencies are not inherently evil but they are inherently prepared to deal with disasters of this magnitude. That leaves us with only one answer. We must prepare ourselves. 

If you depend on yourself it will be much harder to fall short. 

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