It has been quite the year! From having no idea we were going to be making any changes and planning our summer garden at the old house, to buying a farm, making steps towards being farmers, and renovating our barn. Looking back over all the footage we had from the year I couldn’t help but feel proud of all that we have achieved in our first year homesteading.

For everyone new, I hope you enjoy getting caught up with our year. And for everyone who has been here with us for a while, do you have any favorite moments from 2018? Ours or yours? I hope everyone has a great new year! I can’t wait for 2019 to start! We now have a baseline set for a years worth of change – so it’s time to blow it out of the water with what we can do in 2019!

Interested in some of these clips? Here’s some of the videos from this year.

Our most popular video of 2018

The Barn Reno

Chainlink Fence Build

Transplanting Everything

The Journey of Buying Our House

Lia going to the ER for Stitches

Tour our Farmhouse

The Old Garden Before we Dismantled It

The Old Garden After

Ian Buys a Shitty Tractor and I make Fun of Him

Backyard Orchard

Ian and I Fighting – Cheap Seeds Vs Expensive Seeds

I’m Ready To Give Up

The Ring on the Radish

Finding Out We have a million cherry stumps

Tilling Up a lot of grass

The transplants bouncing back from the hard move

Building the Mini Greenhouse

Firewood – or proving we are a bunch of idiots

Our Spring Greenhouse at the old place

Okay, if you watched all those, you know are completely caught up, and know more then I remember, lol.

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