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Off the grid, heat is an issue when temperatures begin to creep below freezing. Depending on your home and the quality of insulation you will struggle to stay warm.

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There is not an efficient battery-powered heater on the market. That is a myth and you will need other options. This is particularly true of people in urban settings who do not have fireplaces. You might not be able to install a wood stove either. 

Nothing is going to be as safe as your HVAC system buy staying warm in your home is crucial. An emergency heat option must be part of your preparedness plan.  If you live in some of the colder regions of this nation, you know how cold home can get without heat. It can be downright deadly.

Propane Heat 

Propane heat is a viable option for those who need a backup plan. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to propane heaters. Propane heat can be very effective in terms of what it’s able to cool. If you invest in a quality propane heater be sure that you use it in an area that is at least 20×20.

This will create some serious problems in terms of carbon monoxide if the room is too small. 

These units can start fires and they also give off high levels of carbon monoxide. You need to be able to monitor these levels. In case you aren’t aware, carbon monoxide is deadly and it will kill your whole family. 

This is the same gas that comes off of generators. Only generators give off much more of it than propane heaters. 

Some units will come with an alarm that sounds if oxygen levels get too low. This is a great feature. 

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Investing in a carbon monoxide detector will also give you a way to be sure you aren’t flooding your home with deadly gas!


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