Off Grid Wilderness Living | EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART – The Truth About Yurt Life – Ep. 89 – Jake and Nicole get swamped with multiple things falling apart! Chocolate Thunder, our truck, is falling apart. It needs new brakes, fuel filtration, oil change, and more. Our 4×4 Delica Van blew a coolant container. Mice and Birds have been breaking into our Off Grid Garden and eating all our garlic, sun chokes, and onions. Slugs ate all our marigolds. We are in the midst of creating our off grid washroom, log cabin, and putting away 10 cords of firewood for this winter. We still have a 4kwh solar panel system to instal, fruit trees to plant, and bear fence to put around our yurt! Will we be able to finish all these projects before everything falls apart around us? Subscribe and find out!!!

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