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Non-essential items can increase your chance of survival when SHTF. Podcast host JD Rucker talked about 22 such items that you need to stock up on before disaster strikes. (h/t to Brighteon.com)

With these items in your stockpile, you can provide for your family’s needs or trade for other items you need in a post-SHTF world.

When disaster strikes, you can survive most scenarios if you have survival essentials like food, water, medication, ammunition and shelter. Aside from these main survival essentials, the miscellaneous items detailed below deserve a spot in your stockpile. (Related: The Midnight Sentinel: Food shortages are about to get worse.)

When stocking up on bleach, get products that are pure and unscented.

You can use bleach to:

Batteries and chargers

You will need batteries and chargers to power small tools and devices. When unopened, batteries can last for up to several years.

If you’re worried about charging your batteries when the grid goes down, invest in portable solar battery chargers.

You will need firestarters like matches, lighters and ferro rods to start a fire and boil water, cook food or stay warm after SHTF.

Once you have a stockpile of firestarters, keep them somewhere dry. You should also make sure they don’t get dried out, especially if you have lighters. Don’t forget to stock up on fuel for the lighters.

Contact lenses and glasses

If you or someone else in the family has poor eyesight, stock up on contact lenses and glasses.

These items can be rather expensive, so only get what your insurance will cover or pay cash if possible.

Different kinds of glue

When SHTF, you will need to use different kinds of glue to repair your gear or for various projects.

Make sure you have different types of glue like super glue and wood glue.

Duct tape

Like glue, duct tape can be used to repair gear and tools. You can also use duct tape for bartering after disaster strikes.

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly like Vaseline has medical uses, such as soothing burns or abrasions. When SHTF you can use it as a lubricant or accelerant for firestarting.

To make DIY accelerants, dip cotton balls in petroleum jelly and store them in a waterproof container.

You can also use petroleum jelly to make a DIY torch by securing a petroleum jelly-dipped cotton ball into a stick.

Insect repellent

Use insect repellents to protect yourself against pests that might spread diseases, like mosquitoes and various bugs.

Hygiene items

These include things like deodorant, shampoo, soap, toothpaste and other items that you will need to maintain proper hygiene.

Hand sanitizer

It’s best to wash your hands with soap and running water, but when SHTF you can use hand sanitizer instead.

Knives and saws

While knives and saws fall under the category of tools, they don’t last as long as other tools like a hammer, which you can use almost indefinitely if you take good care of it.

Light source

When SHTF, you will need a portable light source like candles, flashlights and lanterns.

If you have the funds, get multiple types of flashlights including solar and hand-crank. You can also use your rechargeable batteries for the flashlights.

When buying candles, choose unscented and long-lasting candles.

There are also different kinds of lanterns for your stockpile. from flashlights that can turn into a lantern or gas lanterns.

Paper, pens and pencils

You will need paper and writing instruments like pencils and pens to take notes.

Toilet paper

Stock up on toilet paper and paper towels for doing your business and for cleaning up messes at home.

Bungee cord rope and zip ties

Bungee cord rope has many survival uses. You can use bungee cord rope to build a shelter or repair items.

You can use zip ties to organize items or secure supplies.

Tarps can be used to make temporary shelters or as a DIY raincoat when SHTF.

Plastic bags and Ziploc bags

It might seem weird to stock up on plastic bags, but they are also useful in a survival situation.

Ziploc bags are very useful, especially if you have the kind that has an actual zipper instead of the ones that slide.

You can use Ziploc bags for storage or for keeping things dry.

Baby supplies

If you have babies, you should also stock up on baby food, diapers, baby wipes and various other supplies.

Toys will also help keep your baby entertained after SHTF.

Fire extinguishers

Make sure you have fire extinguishers in your homestead so you can quickly and safely put out fires.

You also need to teach every family member how to use a fire extinguisher properly so they know what to do if a fire breaks out at home.

Baking soda

Baking soda is another item with many survival uses:

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Stock up on food, water and “non-essential” supplies like batteries, flashlights and fire extinguishers.

Visit SHTF.news for more tips on how to stock up on supplies before SHTF.

Watch the full video below of “The JD Rucker Show” to learn more about these 22 “non-essential” items for your survival stockpile.

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