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Many of us don’t even know that coffee can be grown right here, at home!

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This plant is actually quite easy to take care of and if you had guests over would be a very interesting plant to talk about. They produce beautiful flowers and have beautiful red cherries when the beans are developing.

You can get the seeds or starter plants right from Amazon. I personally would get the starter plants as it saves you the time and growing effort it would take. You can get the starter plants for around 19 bucks.

We all need caffeine and even if you dont drink coffee someone around you does. Coffee can be a supreme bartering item. So how do you grow it? 

Simulate Tropical Conditions

You have to grow coffee plants indoors and with plenty of sunlight, in most parts of the country. Look for a room with plenty of sunlight to grow your trees. Coffee plants are understory so you dont want too much direct sunlight. Inside is great for them. 

Water, Water, Water 

Since Arabica is a tropical plant it wants all sorts of water. Water your coffee plants regularly and often. They like both! This is something to consider when it comes to growing coffee in the SHTF world. Your water might be too precious to waste on coffee trees.

Repot Year Over Year

Every spring you will need to transfer your trees to a newer larger pot. This process will allow your coffee trees to mature and be much better at producing the beans you are after. 

It’s best to grow coffee with starter plants rather than from seed.  You will likely have much more success this way, too! If you have the right setup coffee is well within reach.

Also check out this video for more information:

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