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Silver has often been called “Poor Man’s Gold” because it is so much more affordable than gold. The value of silver has been trading around $17/oz, compared to gold which trades around $1276/oz. So for the price of one ounce of gold, you could buy roughly 75 ounces of silver, which is a great investment.

Silver is not just an investment but it is also a hedge against inflation. As dollars become less valuable, the value of silver will naturally go up. The price of silver will almost immediately spike if the Federal Reserve puts more money into circulation and cause inflation. Inflation will always have a positive effect on the prices of gold and silver. This is why it is important to invest now.

Each year more silver is being used more than it is mined and because it is so cheap, exploration has virtually stopped. Silver inventories are quickly running out and this is another reason why now is the time to invest in silver. Scientific American predicts that all of the silver in the world will be used up by 2029. So by then, the value of silver will be so high and this may become a favorable choice in coinage and trading. So I have created this helpful and informative infographic to help you find silver in your everyday pocket change.

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