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When we reviewed Midland’s .410 Backpacker in June of 2018, the company was already talking about releasing rimfire and centerfire barrels that could be easily swapped for a scattergun bore. Now, nearly two years later, Midland has announced the release of the first component of that system: the Backpacker .22LR.

The Backpacker is a single-shot, break-action firearm capable
of being folded into a compact configuration small enough to fit into most
mid-sized backpacks. The barrel can also be entirely removed with a single Allen
wrench and replaced with a barrel chambered in a different caliber/gauge. There’s
no need to change anything about the receiver—just swap barrels and you’re good
to go.

The versatility and advantage of this design are obvious. Rather than carry two separate firearms into the outback to target different game species, users can carry a 12GA barrel and a .22 LR barrel and swap them in the field.

Such a design would also appeal to the survivalists among
us. Securing food in a SHTF scenario might require both a rimfire and a
scattergun, and the Backpacker lets users have both in their bugout bag without
taking up too much space or costing too much money.

Cost separates the Backpacker from much of its competition.
With an MSRP of $170.00, you can afford to purchase two Midland firearms and
throw one in the bugout bag and one in the camper/truck/canoe.

But you shouldn’t worry about sacrificing dependability. The
manufacturing quality of the .22LR Backpacker seems to be consistent with
Midland’s other offerings.

“Making guns using these materials and finishes are what ensures Midlands can be handed down from generation to generation,” as Midland President and CEO Val Forgett told us. “That is what I want to see in this line. I still have my old single-shot from when I was a kid and want to make sure that 100 years from now, today’s Midlands are still being shot.”

A full review will provide more information, but it looks like Midland has produced another great product at an extremely accessible price point. The 16.5-inch .22 LR barrel is eminently maneuverable, and the included rail can mount a variety of magnified scopes and red dots. The trigger is heavy, but otherwise the firearm appears to be easy to operate.

For those hoping for a centerfire version, the wait isn’t quite over yet. Company reps told us they’re still working on those, but they couldn’t provide a planned release date.

They are, however, working on a combo .410/22LR firearm that they plan to release this year. Details are sketchy (no images or specs), but it’s something to look out for.

The .22LR Backpacker isn’t currently listed on Midland’s website, but company reps tell us it will be shipping to retailers soon.

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