One problem with prepping when there are others that must get involved to make it work is the varying levels of commitment. Enthusiasm is never equal among those in a family or group.

In Prepper groups the problem may be more profound, because some people gravitate toward groups simply because it is a group, and not because of what the group is all about. This means you will have members that are not committed to prepping, but simply want to be involved in something.

Those not really committed may eagerly follow orders, and are pleasant to be around, but they do not understand the need. It is never enough to simply know that you need to do something. You need to know why you need to do it as well.

Once you as the leader know the why, you can then convince others of the need. You need to make sure you are committed before you can expect others to be committed.

Overtime the level of commitment on the part of others may increase, but in the meantime someone has to establish goals, plan how to achieve those goals, schedule training and practice sessions, and the list goes on from there.

In some cases, family members may outright reject the notion of prepping for any number of reasons, leaving the one that understands the need for prepping in charge of a rudderless ship. Simply telling your children they need a backpack packed and ready is not enough, they will not take it seriously until they understand why they need to.

Ideas Have To Be Sold

Just because your spouse/partner or children do not believe in the need for prepping does not mean you do not prep. Finances play a role in prepping, and if families had money to burn your spouse or partner might not have a problem with what they might consider a hobby on your part. However, you do not have money to burn so any money spent, better be for a good cause is what your spouse is likely thinking. A tangible cause not based on some conspiracy theory you read on the Internet.

What gets prepping plans shelved sometimes is an overwhelming sense of urgency. Someone reads an article or sees a video online and they feel an urge to immediately do something, and they may think that failing to start right now would be devastating.

Your overwhelming sense of urgency overwhelms everyone else. They cannot comprehend the need as quickly as you would like, and thus, will probably balk at your ideas. Slow down and let others catch up before you start yelling that the world as you know it is ending and you only have a few days left to get ready.

No one else in the family will likely ever feel the same sense of urgency, and spending money you do not have never goes over well when one or the other thinks it may have been wasted. However, there are any numbers of disasters that you can point to that do happen, and are likely to happen again, and so family members can relate to this, and then can see that there is a need for prepping.

Start Small With What Is Evident To All

Point to natural disasters in your region and point to the times where the power has been disrupted or the water has, and then emphasis the inconvenience of it. Prepping takes on a whole new meaning as soon as people realize the effects of a crisis and then emphasis what can be done to mitigate the effects. It is surprising the number of people that simply do not understand that when the power goes out so does everything else.

No one can dispute the need for 72-hours worth of supplies when there is a blizzard headed your way or a hurricane or ice storm, so start there. Start with a 72-hour kit for the home, then build from there and show everyone this is what can happen because look it has happened before.

Stop with the doomsday scenarios and stick with what people can see, hear, and feel. If you cannot understand why your spouse is not willing to get ready for a zombie apocalypse by running out and loading up on gear and supplies then maybe you do not fully understand prepping yourself.

Most sensible Preppers understand that the term zombie apocalypse is tossed around a lot and it is used to describe something bad happening in most cases, but not everyone understands this, so when you start tossing it around saying everyone needs to prepare for it, you may get the sideways stare.

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