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Traveling to your bugout location on foot may be your only option in a disaster. However, if you have another option, you should consider that.


 Any wheeled option is going to be much faster and more efficient than simply one foot in front of the other. 

Of course, you need to consider the terrain and the route to your location when it comes to choosing the right bugout vehicle. Some bugout terrain will be incompatible with your terrain. Dont try and bugout through a bog on a bike! 

Let’s look at a few viable bugout vehicle options. 

Bugout Truck

 One of the easiest things to consider is the 4 Wheel Drive truck. This type of vehicle can carry a lot of supplies, handle rough terrain and if you have an older truck, before 1980, there is a good chance its EMP-proof! 

Bugout Bike 

They are making tremendous advances with motorized scooters and bikes. There are even bikes that you can pedal and that can ride you around without pedaling. That is a tremendous thing to consider. 

Bikes are great for getting you through things like traffic and even gridlock. They are also good for going off the road if you have the right tires. 

Mini Bugout RV

Then there are things like the radical and even obscure mini bugout RV. You can go out on your own path and create a new bugout vehicle that fits your situation. Remember, you just need the right motor to propel the wheels. 

From there you can build whatever you like, however you like. Remember, you need to become a master of materials and adapting things to work for you. That is one of the most important qualities in terms of survival. 

What would your perfect bugout vehicle look like? What type of fuel would it run on? 


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