Preparedness for when you have flown far from home

Mission objective: Get back home. At least that’s what it will be for most situations.

I recall the September 11 (2001) attack. Many of my work colleagues became stranded in place. Why? Because they were working in other cities (having flown there). All private and commercial airline traffic was immediately grounded in the United States and Canada.

I used to fly a-lot back then. Part of the job. That day I was local. I was not stranded. Though my work mates were.

What did they do? Some of them immediately rented cars and began the drive back home. It took days (for some). But they made it.

Why am I talking about this? Well, though I personally haven’t flown in 10 years (thankfully!), I know that others who are preparedness-minded DO FLY (because of their jobs). So the question is, how do you prepare for the unknown possibilities of SHTF while you’re far away from home (having flown there)?

I’ve written a few articles on the subject. You might want to visit them and read the comments too (links at bottom). It’s been awhile since I discussed this particular topic. So I’m looking for your input so as to help others with the thought process of preparedness for this.

Things To Take With You

I’ll get the discussion going by letting you know some of the items that I used to bring along with me when I flew all over the place…

Flashlight. A good quality small flashlight ). Always kept one on the nightstand next to the bed in the hotel. Otherwise it was with me in my bag wherever I went.

Small portable AM/FM/Shortwave radio (related article). News and information will be critical immediately following an ‘event’. It will help to understand the potential scope of the problem. Better decision making that way.

A good pocket knife. I couldn’t do “carry on”, but I would tuck one in my luggage (if I had luggage other than carry-on). Always had a pocket knife as part of my EDC (related article).

Cash. 20’s (nothing larger). Cash is King. At least for awhile…

Food bars (related article – and my suggestion). Great for keeping you going.

Water. I would take at least one water bottle on the plane (not sure if you can do that anymore). Also would be sure to have some water bottles on hand during the trip.

Backpack. Instead of a traditional type of carry-on bag, I would often use a soft backpack instead. If I needed more space for the trip, I would also carry on a nice bag on wheels – extendable handle. Good quality.

Navigation. Map your way home. Today’s cell phones have excellent GPS navigation capabilities. (Getting home?). The only thing that would inhibit you in this regard might be a EMP-event (which would be total/major SHTF!), or major power outage whereby your phone battery eventually goes dead. Though a car-charger would still work (if the vehicle runs). Prior to my travel, I would look at mapping of the area. Had a good idea prior to hitting the ground where I’m going and how I might get back.

Okay, I got the ball rolling. For your flyers out there (or former flyers), what do you carry with you for preparedness, just in case? And/or what measures/precautions would you take (or do).

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