You may want to consider the possibility if there is a major crisis that befalls this country. Regardless of the situation, you will need a shelter, and some people and families are choosing to live in a van right now. It is a way of life for some, no crisis needed. However, a van may make an ideal bug-out-vehicle (BOV), or it could be your shelter on your very own property if there is damage to your home.

Check out what some have done to convert from their homes to vans by visiting Instagram.

One of the vans pictured has a small pot-bellied stove inside. Of course, with a wood burning stove, you can cook and heat the van using wood or even biofuels in some cases. The stove is small obviously and with the right design, it could be extremely efficient.

A conversion van can have bench seats that convert to beds or you can remove the seats and place a bed in their place. When you stop, portable solar panels can be used to charge devices or as some do, they carry a small generator with them. If the panels are mounted on the roof, you, can, of course, charge devices while driving down the highway.

Being able to cook is important and depending on where you set up camp for a night or for a few weeks may determine your method of cooking. You may not be able to start a campfire in some areas, so a small propane stove would be needed for those times. Carry enough fuel for several meals in the event wood or propane is not available at your next stopping place.

Some vans can even be outfitted with a small bathroom and shower. The roof design on some allows a person to stand upright inside the van. Overhead storage bins can keep supplies secured or you can use roof racks for some gear as well.

Any temporary shelter that provides you protection from the wind, rain, snow and cold is a positive thing, but as a bug-out-vehicle or possibly as a permanent or semi-permanent home you need some comforts, not to mention supplies and certain gear.

Stoves, sinks, porta-potties and many other things are possible with a little time and creativity to make a van a viable vehicle for a crisis or even a home on wheels for those wandering souls that want to view a sunset from a different location every night.

If you plan to use a van as BOV, you would need a destination in mind, supplies, fuel, and the mindset to get you there. A van with supplies strapped to the roof can be a traveling billboard for those seeking food and water during a crisis, so there are downfalls. However, by keeping up on the threat levels and having a destination in mind you can get out before the panic. The exodus of people fleeing civil unrest or an attack on your city or town may create a situation you cannot overcome.

Fuel would be a major concern, as would the condition of the roads and highways. Alternate routes must be mapped. Your van can be equipped with televisions along with CB and Ham radios and any antennas needed. The antennas can be dismounted or strapped down for travel if they are high enough to snag overhead obstructions, like power lines.

Solar panels and generators are not out of the question, but again fuel for the generators would be a problem if the grid failed or you are in an extremely rural area. Consider caches at your destination for resupplying.

Some van owners have safes installed that are set up with biometrics for opening the safe. This would be a secure place for certain firearms, Ammo, cash, jewelry, important documents, and precious metals for bartering if needed.

The weight of your supplies and gear, of course, is a problem and water weighs a considerable amount. Carry what you need for 72-hours and use a map to determine where the next water source is. Carry the means to filter and purify a surface water source and always top off your water containers regardless of your current supply whenever you get the opportunity.

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