Preppers all over the country have been preparing for this for years. Some have even begun to wonder if all that preparation and expense was worth it. Would you ever need all that food, water, and gear stored up ready for a national crisis? Now, you are living at least a limited edition of what a real serious SHTF could be like by experiencing the coronavirus pandemic. Even so, it is not nearly as tough as it could get.

Bug out? Not hardly this time during the coronavirus pandemic. We are instructed to shelter-in-place which means we should only be leaving the house to obtain essential supplies, food, medicine, and such. There is no cruising the highways, no visiting public areas. We can’t even sit down to eat dinner at our favorite restaurant. Most public parks, recreational areas and fishing areas are closed. We are in virtual lock down. Travel is limited. Airlines have scaled back their flights because simply fewer people are flying. The Sunday afternoon drive in the country will have to wait. Technically, we’re not even supposed to drive up to deer camp to hang out, ride ATVs, or do some informal target shooting or tin can plinking. All that is on hold.

Even if we get out to go to the grocery store, we may find our favorite brands of canned vegetables are completely sold out. I needed simple cans of sliced mushrooms. There were none on the shelf. I bought the last two cans of green beans that day. The paper supply aisle was as completely void of anything. Hoarders have taken most everything considered essential. There was no toilet paper, no hand sanitizer, no facial tissue, and no antibiotic hand soaps. We don’t know how long that is going to last.

We also have to recognize just how greedy some people are. It is probably no great surprise to us, but to witness it is another matter. Even during natural disasters, people grab way more stuff than they really need and will defend their greediness with extreme force. That is beginning to approach a breaking point in some areas of the country. Just wait.

Also not shocking, there is a run on guns and ammo. Guns and ammo sales have now been approved to be conducted curbside at the dealer’s location. Many dealers are sold out of 9mm and .45 Auto for now. Handguns are selling briskly. Just why do you think that is? The coronavirus pandemic and SHTFs are all about inconvenience and how long can you tolerate it. Be thankful on this one, we still have electricity to run everything, clean water comes out of the faucets, and the toilets flush. Imagine how bad it would be without those services during a real SHTF.

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