Here is our monthly “Homesteading in Paradise” video series. This one is about January. It includes fun scenes at or near our homestead, and as always, gorgeous Pacific Northwest nature.

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Many mornings, I get up at 5 am, before milking the goats and feeding the pigs, ducks, chickens and (human) kids, so I can write a blog post or edit movie footage we filmed.
Many evenings, I research about a topic my readers want to learn about and then write a tutorial for them.

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Do you want to make money homesteading? This video is the first in a series that will go public on Friday mornings at 8 am Mountain Time. Working your own land and using the resources around you to produce some of the products you use on a daily basis brings wealth into your life that can’t be measured in dollars. Homegrown food is worth more than money, but if you have an excess, you can turn it into cash. I have forked over my hard earned money for these 10 homestead products again and again and will probably need to keep paying for at least some of them in the future. I feel that this list of 10 products and services will have at least one good fit for almost every person wishing to bring in a little bit of money from their homestead. In the coming weeks I will make a video about each one, relating the stories of what did and did not work for my neighbors and friends who have sold these goods and services to me.

This video is about Modern Homesteading First Harvest of our pickles.

We are still clearing our five acre property for Homestead upgrades😀.

Calmant – Calming by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

I ordered these two specific tools via amazon and I’m really glad I did. I really put them to the test today and they worked way better that i thought they would. Now I wish I had had them sooner!

Thank you all so much for watching!

It’s high summer at the Little House and the kids are still excited about their tree house. But this off grid homestead life keeps teaching us that there’s no such thing as quick and easy.

** The chickens shown are Cornish Cross at about 40 days. The garden produce shown includes Marketmore 76 cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, and a California wonder bell pepper.



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Nick is a finish carpenter working on building his own business. Esther is a writer, the author of a recent memoir called “What Falls From the Sky,” and a daughter of the homesteading teacher and activist Carla Emery, who wrote “The Encyclopedia of Country Living.” Nick and Esther were both raised in Idaho, near where we live now, but we’ve also lived in Massachusetts, Utah, and California. Our kids are ages 10, 9 and 5.

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