What happens when you are homesteading and someone gets sick or injured?
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Jeff and Rose and their 5 girls (ages 10, 12, 14, 15, 17) have been living off grid on their northern Canadian homestead for 8 years.

They started with a bare 20 acres, without even road access, and have since built their house, shop and all sorts of homestead type of infrastructure; animal pens, barns, guest house, rain water collection, gravity fed water storage, composting toilets, solar system etc.

Their fishing, hunting, prospecting and other off grid adventures are all documented on the Gridlessness youtube page – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClt1rDdFd-VUX8VXmWummSQ?view_as=subscriber

In this interview Jeff and Rose share how they built a debt free life homesteading off grid with their family in the Canadian Wilderness.

This was the #1 reason we chose to pick up and move out of the city and move the the country where we purchased our 20 acre homestead. With the times being unknown what will happen next we are becoming real life homesteaders. We are cutting, splitting and stacking our firewood from trees on our homestead, growing plants that our daughters helped me start from seedlings and in the fall we will be canning our food that we are growing.

Katie and I (Jen) were lucky enough to receive not one but two Sensei Tools Hori Digging Knifes to try out in our garden. I saw the reviews, but sometimes you can’t always believe what the ratings are. I will vouch for these knives, they worked better than I ever expected. They are sharp and get into the ground really well and I love that one side is serrated so you can easily cut through big roots.

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hey everyone! In this video I want to share with you my thoughts on why you need to get your homestead in 2021 and what our goals our for the rest of 2020. Cheers to Homesteading


Today we are planting our summer garden! It’s filled with all of our favorites like tomatoes, peppers, green beans, okra, cucumbers, sweet potatoes and a lot more!

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homesteading in later years….tips, lessons learned, how and why we do it. We started this journey in 1992, I am going to be 58, hubby is 55…..we have learned a lot, made mistakes but have no plans of stopping even though we are older, maybe just make some changes. Ron and Leah at Family Hertiage Living brought up the subject/topic of Oldsteading/Oldsteaders. What a great subject, lots of us older folks have tons of info and experiences to share. Visit Ron and Leah. Don’t forget to leave your questions i, the comments.