We’re answering 10 Homestead related questions! First animal on our Homestead? Advice for past self? Thoughts on Fake Meat? How big is our Homestead? Least favorite thing to do on the homestead?….and more!!

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Major Family Farm April 2020 , California Homesteading – The Dirt Journal # 90 By: Quest For Details
This is my Family tiny farm in the north Bay Area , my grandparents pioneered the garden plots that we sow and harvest now and their great grandchildren are playing in the veggie patch now , its spring, I had a chance for the rare visit and with a little open air to share we take quick tour of what the other half of the clan has been up to during this stay at home time. remember, get outside whenever you can , use this time to do things you haven’t been able to, celebrate the + not the – and always , stick with your roots !
the Major Family Farm uses no pesticides, no herbicides .
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Marblemount Homestead consists of a middle aged (darn it!) couple with three homeschooled children, living the good life in the Pacific Northwest. We homestead on five acres in the North Cascades Wilderness. This short video shows some highlights of our life from March 2017.

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In this video, you’ll find out what it’s really like to start homesteading later in life. Mr. V. and I began our off-grid homestead adventure on less than an acre at age 50 and 49 respectively, as empty nesters. We have since moved to a larger homestead that is back on the grid, and are operating it by ourselves with no help from children at age 57 and 56.

Learn how homesteading goes, some of our trials as well as our successes, and advice if you are wanting to begin this lifestyle later in life.

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With so many options for snow removal which is the right tool for the job? we are going to look at this 1984 Chevy 4×4 snow plow truck and talk about what some of the pros are in pushing snow with a chevrolet truck and is a truck the best for plowing snow in a snow storm.

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Two Years in the yurt have been wonderful! Our update of what we’ve been up to and how life is going in the yurt.


With a little fishing on the side.

14 months in the yurt and we are getting use to it and enjoying ourselves. We are always dealing with wood and preparing wood. Love it!

Here is our monthly “Homesteading in Paradise” video series. This one is about November, and it includes fall scenes at our homestead, and our little getaway in Sedona (spoiler alert: lots of gorgeous scenery here!).

applehom cider pressing activities at our homesteading, gorgeous fall sceneries of the Pacific Northwest, the last garden harvest, and some out-of-this-world hikes.

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