This article was originally published by Charl M on What will you need to know if you want to survive in a post SHTF world? This article will answer that question by referencing skills that were common amongst our forebears living in the 18th century. But before I give you a list of skills you need […]

Most of our readers will definitely fall more on the prepared end of the spectrum than your average citizen. And it is unfortunate, then, that these average citizens that will place such a terrible strain on supply lines when a sudden and unfortunate SHTF situation strikes society. The shelves of every store will be stripped […]

Have you thought about your teeth in your plans for a life that took a turn for the worse? With so many other vital things on your mind, caring for your teeth might not be your priority. No matter how well-stocked you are on food, water, and other essential supplies, forgetting your tooth care, you […]

SHTFPreparedness may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Beans, bullets, and bandages are the prepper mantra. They also represent off-the-shelf solutions to SHTF scenarios. How many of us actually make bullets, or sterilize and package bandages for the dark times. This extends to beans and food. Do […]

(Natural News) The first week after SHTF is the most difficult. As society collapses, you’d have to do away with many creature comforts and adjust to this new life. This transitional period will be a test of your endurance and resourcefulness. If you’re able to come out stronger on the other side, then that means you’ve adapted and are […]

No matter how domesticated we’ve become, at our genetic core, our hunter-gather within longs to be unleashed By Todd Walker | Survival Sherpa In our quest to express our primal genes, we encounter Nature’s revenge from stings, bites, cuts and injury. The fear and misery that follows is enough to keep one indoors and isolated from our natural […]

Guns are often brought up when people discuss firearms as barter items post SHTF. My position is that I simply don’t believe much in having barter items at all. Every time I’ve seen it used, it was always by people is pretty desperate situations, trading at a loss. This is something you saw a lot […]

Drones are a very widespread technology nowadays, regardless of whether you love them or hate them. And as with any piece of technology, it’s important to consider whether it might be useful when the grid goes down. Want to save this post for later? Click Here to Pin It On Pinterest! In this video, Mike […]

I think it has begun. I am very unhappy and disappointed in the kind of censorship going on with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. People, that is only the beginning. Remember when they started to censor small YouTubers, well now it is big YouTubers, including the President. WTH is going on? Seriously? Never thought I would […]

Warning: Some of these DIY perimeter alarms are dangerous. Be very careful and do them at your own risk.To be forewarned is to be forearmed. If you are vulnerable—whether you’re asleep or bugging out—having a perimeter alarm to alert you to intruders can save your life. Want to save this post for later? Click Here […]