You probably spend about 38 percent of your life at work, along with the typical commute. Assuming that you’re not retired. You spend 29 percent of your time sleeping, if you sleep 7 hours a night. 33 percent of your time you’re doing other things, at home, etc..  So, if a SHTF event were to […]

  The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the typical home is not a defensible structure, unless specifically designed that way. You can of course fortify your home, but once you begin doing that you have already conceded that criminals and other malcontents will be reaching your front door. In a […]

This article was originally published by Tracey Watson at Natural News We live in an unstable world, where even countries that look financially and politically stable can suddenly descend into chaos. Venezuela is an excellent – albeit sad – example of this. Once the richest country in all of Latin America thanks to its huge oil […]

When it comes to preparedness information, far too many of the so-called survival experts focus on events that quite honestly don’t come close to having a one in a billion chance of happening. While talking about asteroids slamming into the earth or some dystopian vision of the apocalypse might be a good way to get […]

Some of the most popular web articles on emergency preparedness have to do with food.  This is also a widely discussed topic in print and on forums.  And it is no wonder.  In today’s society eating is no longer just for sustenance.  It is a social form, a source of family bonding and togetherness and […]

When the SHTF, assuming you are able to manage to create a stable situation where you are able to survive day-to-day, those small comforts of life are what you’ll really begin to miss—and what will make the difference between feeling like you’re surviving, and truly thriving. Little things like real maple syrup. Salt and pepper […]

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Having bees in the backyard to some may not sound appealing at first. Bees are however, an important part of life on earth and without them pollination of plants would cease in your backyard and in the wild. Bees produce honey, which to them is a food source and is a food source for humans […]

While being able to meet basic food, water, medical, and shelter needs provides peace of mind, attention should be paid to other areas too. No matter how well you prepare, … Read More This content was originally published here.

STAY TUNED AFTER THE CREDITS FOR A SPECIAL EXTRA MESSAGE! Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Summary: For their first home together, Twilight and Applejack wanted a house close to Applejack’s farm and big enough for Twilight’s books, with a little something special besides. They settled on the perfect place, one of […]