As the pandemic showed us, food shortages are not impossible. For much of 2020, shelves in markets were empty of basic necessities: grains, bread, eggs, produce, and other basic nutritional essentials. Food shortages can have dire consequences for those of us who aren’t prepared to go days or weeks without a visit to the local grocer. […]

Armed preppers were once derided as paranoid hoarders. Then, COVID happened. We saw empty shelves in grocery stores, lack of access to medications for chronic conditions, and mass civil unrest exacerbated by unemployment and politicking. In short, the pandemic gave us a taste of a real “SHTF” scenario. When it comes to preparing for natural […]

The mountains have always held a special place in prepping and survival lore. We admire the real and the quasi-mythical mountain man for his determination, grit, endurance, and prowess. People and tribes since time immemorial have fled to the mountains in times of trouble to find succor and salvation from natural and human threats. The […]

By Blackbird Imagine, the S has hit the fan. Several years have passed and have made for trying times. You’ve managed to survive a famine, and defended yourself and your family from vicious groups of people that have threatened you. You’ve learned a variety of practical skills that make you indispensable to not only your […]

SHTF scenarios are hard to prepare for, but training beforehand is essential for protecting yourself and your family. Add animals to the mix and it gets even more complex. Your cows and sheep don’t understand Category 5 hurricanes and EF5 tornadoes. You may get lucky and have a few days to prepare for a significant […]

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes As the saying goes, we are nine meals away from anarchy. In short, it means that after three days without new supplies, most cities would be completely out of food and gas. At that point, people will be desperate—and dangerous. Imagine if the taps run dry, too. In desperate times, […]

Accept reality From a realistic perspective, recognizing what is in your control is key in handling any of life’s situations. According to experienced prepper Bob Rodgers, this acceptance of reality will help you manage your thoughts and regulate your emotions. Think of survival and behave productively Rodgers noted that even in the face of problems […]

Disconnecting from the internet of things is something many hikers, hunters, and campers do anytime they hit a trail. Except as any experienced outdoorsmen knows, it’s important to be prepared for an emergency, and in extreme circumstances, be capable of communicating for rescue. While some smartphones are beginning to provide satellite communication, they shouldn’t be […]

We’ve covered day-hike water filters like the Sawyer MINI and LifeStraw Go, but if you’re a survivalist, prepper, or person who believes in reasonable preparedness, then you know you need a long-term clean water solution. The idea of having to source water from anywhere, but your public utilities isn’t that far-fetched. In fact, at the […]

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes There’s a lot of talk about major disaster scenarios in the prepping community—what we refer to as TEOTWAWKI events. Part of that is that they are much more interesting to talk about than a hurricane or flood. On the other hand, preparing for an EMP or another SHTF scenario means […]