You may only choose two long guns and two handguns. They will be chosen for a time of SHTF. In other words, a time of extreme turmoil, social chaos, collapse, shortages, revolution…if you get my drift.

Maybe one scenario is as follows. The globalist Marxist Commies come into power. Subsequently they do what they always do — try to take your guns. Without arguing about how you might mitigate that, lets just say you’ve planned ahead for it. Maybe you put aside two specific long guns and two handguns that “they” wouldn’t find.

Or maybe that doesn’t happen at all. But you’re considering all aspects of a hypothetical collapse and you’re deciding what might be best in the long gun department and the handgun department.

I will initially refrain from putting out my own opinion so as to get your comments without influence. I’m sure there are lots of opinions, and I put this out there for fun… (haven’t done a “gun” post in awhile).

Lets see where we end up, and I’ll update this post with some of the highlights.

Ready, Set, Go!

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NH Michael

1 hour ago

22 revolver with 22 mag cylinder, sks. Why can use 22 short or the cci 22 quiets for quiet hunting, any 22 ammo for general use. 7.62×39 is just fine.

Gee I should have read more closely. 2 of each? wow? I picked for utility and plain out total reliability. Would I select two different ones or more ammo instead. Only the Owl knows. 🙂

Probably a single/double barreled shotgun 12 gauge with a full set of chamber adapters so I could use anything I found in “lost ammo”, and more ammo….

Been awhile since I looked at purchasing a gun, but as a kid my friend and I shot lots of different guns and 10s of thousands of rounds. 12 gauge slugs either 000 or 00 buckshot are absolutely devastating to anything in its path so I’d opt for a pump 12 gauge of some sort. I had an M&P 9mm that was a smooth shooter and a large capacity magazine. Too bad it got lost deep in the woods.

The ones i have when it goes ugly

I hope Ige doesnt read these posts!! haha

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Ige is why its so hard to come home. Living in Oklahoma where we can buy and own anything we want, Pro 2nd. What would i do with all my “stuff”.

any kind of high powered kind of rifle for longer range hunting a semi auto 12 gauge for home defense a 9mm hand gun and a 45 handgun for short range stopping power

42 minutes ago

This was a mental exercise that I thought through years ago because it’s fun. In my head I decided I’d like to just store 22LR, rather than buying various ones to keep track of. That would allow me to use a pistol such as a Ruger SR22, a Ruger 10/22, as well as even going into The Saint that had been fitted with an insert to accept 22LR, then toss in a revolver too if desired. Seemed practical to just streamline the gun selection off the ammo stored in my scenario.

Kel Tec PMR 30 22 mag, Glock 21, Mossberg 12ga with mini shell adaptor, AR.223

A 10/22 semi auto rifle, Mini 14 .223, Both can be used to hunt what’s near me.
357 revolver & 45 semi auto for defense from man or beast…I prefer Ruger from my Rifles
Colt for my pistols.

Remington 870 12 gauge pump with vent rib and slug barrel.
AK-47 7.62×39
Colt Woodsman .22LR Pistol
S&W 686 .357 mag revolver

#1 Mossberg 20 gauge pump with a bunch of different barrels
#2 Well made AR-15 with a bunch of mags
#3 Glock 19’s x2 with a bunch of mags,

If allowed one more by the Gun Czar Bozo O’Dork , it would be a Ruger .22 “American” bolt action in .22 LR.

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