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SHTF Shave: Kiss Disposable Razors Goodbye | Survival Sherpa

by Todd Walker SHTF Shave Kit matches my 1950’s bathroom tile This isn’t on the top of any apocalyptic list-of-lists. And in the midst of Novembeard, why would I spend money on shaving equipment like my granddaddy used? Two reasons: A.) Cool factor: Mention your close straight razor shave at the water cooler and get […]

Are You a Prisoner to Your SHTF Plan? | Survival Sherpa

by Todd Walker It’s trendy to forecast and prognosticate TEOTWAWKI and other SHTF events. We need to know what’s coming so we can make a plan to survive the event. Here’s the hitch: they’re rarely right. And even if they are right, will our plan save us? Every time I hear of a doomsday event […]

Sailboats, survival, and SHTF

I’ve always been a fan of being self-sufficient and learning skills. Sailing is one of the skills that I always wanted to acquire but until my sister married her husband, I never knew anyone who sailed. I love it so much now that I’m considering selling everything and living on a sailboat. As you’ll see […]