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Post SHTF Profession: What Would You Do?

If the Stuff Hit’s The Fan (SHTF), what would your profession be? What would you do if you didn’t have your ‘day job’? I don’t mean “How would you survive.”  At least for a while a prepper should have food and shelter covered. But what would you do as a means of earning the services […]

Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) Do You Need One? – Preparing for shtf

Many of you reading this probably already have a vehicle. You drive the kids to school, grocery shop and commute back and forth to work, and take road trips, family vacations, in other words, all using your current vehicle. The problem in some people’s minds after reading article after article about when the SHTF and […]

Post-SHTF Issue: Which Food to Consume First?

When SHTF, food is definitely a high priority for many preppers. If you’ve ever watched the reality show “Naked and Afraid” you know how important your caloric intake can be in a survival situation. The average adult needs to consume 2,000 to 4,000 calories daily to maintain a healthy body weight. For those doing the […]

Prepping for SHTF With a Medical Condition

In the real world, no one is perfectly healthy. Sickness and disease do not choose any particular age, gender, or race. Even preppers are not exempted from the reality of medical conditions. It is already difficult to live with a medical condition. The situation can become twice as difficult when you are faced with a crisis. Imagine […]

Preventive Medicine and Prepping: 3 Things to do Before SHTF

This article was originally published by Darnel Fernandez at Natural News.  A topic that doesn’t seem to be discussed all too often among preppers is preventive health measures. When a prepper talks about health, they usually discuss preparing supplies for injuries after disaster strikes. Hospitals could be scarce when SHTF, making emergency medical care also scarce. Additionally, […]