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How to Overcome Panic When SHTF | Survivopedia

Panic can be defined as a sudden overpowering terror that clouds one’s judgment making him or her act erratic and irrational. History has shown us through wars, national emergencies, and various local disasters that a state of panic can trigger a profound state of dysfunction that leaves a person incapable of acting, stilling their every […]

Coronavirus Pandemic Gives Signs & Clues to a Real SHTF Scenario

Preppers all over the country have been preparing for this for years. Some have even begun to wonder if all that preparation and expense was worth it. Would you ever need all that food, water, and gear stored up ready for a national crisis? Now, you are living at least a limited edition of what […]

12 Places to Stay Far Away from After SHTF | Urban Survival Site

In November 2018, the terrified residents of Paradise, California tried to flee the rapidly approaching Camp Fire. Many of the 27,000 citizens took to their cars only to be stuck in a colossal traffic jam as the heat and flames drew near. At least seven people perished in their vehicles in the fire, which took […]

The Best Places To Be When SHTF | Urban Survival Site

If the grid were to collapse and America turned into an apocalyptic zone, where would you go? In North America, some places are easier to survive in than others. There are obvious hotspots that should be avoided at all costs. For example, the major cities along the east and west coasts, which not only would […]

Pics: SHTF: Prepare for War: Build yourself a Spider Hole…

[This is a cool idea. I’m even interested! Jan] While many government authorities advise evacuating, in some situations it is vital to stay and protect that which you’ve worked so hard to build. Before we jump into the spider hole discussion, follow these 4 simple steps, so you can have the best chance of avoiding […]

How to Survive Mentally When SHTF

It’s time to face reality. As human beings, we are incredibly frail and fragile, especially when it pertains to natural disasters and maliciously violent storms that can quickly flip our entire world upside down in just a matter of seconds. We’re living on a planet that seems to be experiencing more and more of this […]

How to Keep Chickens Safe Now and After SHTF

Keeping a flock of chickens safe and healthy to ensure they will be around to provide meat and eggs can seem like a challenging task on a daily basis now, before the SHTF. Once a doomsday disaster strikes, keeping the chickens safe becomes a life necessity. It doesn’t take a lot of money to protect […]