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The Importance of Silence After the SHTF

Imagine the following scenario: an economic collapse has forced thousands of people outside of the cities throughout most of the world. Thousands of people without survival or tradable skills plague the countryside, and the number of gunfights one can hear about from their front porch is increasing. Those farms closer to the cities and main […]

What If Neighbors Come Begging for Food After SHTF?

If we are deep into some kind cataclysmic event and desperate people arrive at your door, what do you do? Your hard work, money, and family are all at play when people come a knockin! So, what is your gameplan?  The simple answer is to say, “NO!” and not let anyone into your home. The […]

How to Dig a Well to Secure Your Water Supply Before SHTF

Preppers who live in the U.S. are very lucky because they have access to clean running water. But you will need more water when SHTF because it will eventually run out, even with careful rationing. (h/t to PreppersWill.com) Technology has made it easier to forget crucial prepping skills Even if you live in an area where […]

Is Long-Term Camping a Realistic Option in a SHTF Scenario?

If you have ever gone camping, you’ve probably aware that there are many basic survival skills needed for outdoor living, such as learning how to start a fire, collect water, cook camping meals, build a campsite, dig a latrine, or catch a fish. Those survival skills will come in handy, especially if a SHTF (Sh!t […]

10 Strategies for Dealing With Fuel Scarcity in a SHTF Scenario

This article was originally published by Martin Banks on www.survivopedia.com The world has had many near-SHTF scenarios in the last few years, including a global pandemic, a spike in natural disasters and a widespread economic recession. With gas prices reaching record highs, fuel scarcity is yet another potential problem you must prepare for. Here are 10 strategies […]