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DAY IN OUR LIFE: Homesteading while PREGNANT

Enjoy this simple Earth Mama vlog on the homestead. Chickens are growing, garden is finally fenced in, things are changing! Baby coming soon πŸ™‚ Our PO Box: PO Box 7613, Columbus, GA 31908 Our bed: http://bit.ly/2GCAzR6 Our bed frame: http://bit.ly/2GGCnbQ Thinx Period Underwear: https://www.shethinx.com/pages/leader-veladya The music I use: https://bit.ly/2TIOMUo AMAZING for YouTubers. Sign up for […]


Doug and Stacy live on 11 acres where they grow and harvest most of their own food. One thing we noticed about the homesteading community here on YouTube is that no one talks about…. ↓↓↓↓↓↓ CLICK β€œSHOW MORE” FOR RESOURCES ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Subscribe to OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY: http://bit.ly/2nrYf24 HERE ARE THE T SHIRTS […]

How To Cover the Startup Cost of Homesteading

Homesteading is a great way of life… but in the beginning it can be VERY EXPENSIVE to get started.Β  Imagine you get two pigs. To get those 2 pigs your first year you need to buy a barn or shed for pigs fencing water trough feeder feed A brand new homesteader with NOTHING could easily […]

1.5 Acre Homestead TOUR!! (homesteading family)

We give you a tour of our 1.5 acre homestead. We left the Los Angeles area to homestead in the mountains of North Carolina. We give you ideas on how to set up your homestead and how a small homestead can work for you. See below for resources. Shop our tools: https://kit.co/sowtheland DIY Abundance HOMESTEAD […]

HomeMade – Episode 4 – Modern Homesteading

Meet the Canadians choosing to do home differently. From life off the grid to living in a converted school bus, this series explores the motivations behind these unique lifestyles. ——————————————————————————— TELUS STORYHIVE supports compelling, original stories told by filmmakers from BC and Alberta by providing production funding, training and exposure to new audiences. Find out […]