Drones are a very widespread technology nowadays, regardless of whether you love them or hate them. And as with any piece of technology, it’s important to consider whether it might be useful when the grid goes down.

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In this video, Mike In The Woods talks about the seven most important reasons you may need a drone in an SHTF situation:

1. Deterrent

As with any security-based tool, a drone can easily be used as a deterrent. Simply flying one around in the air where it’s easily visible tells other people in the area (including potentially hostile people) that there are other forces in the area watching their every move. This could compel them to move on to another area.

2. Assessing Damage/Scale

One of the best uses for a drone is to assess the full extent of the damage in your area. Attach a camera to your drone, hook up the camera with your phone, and use it to conduct surveillance around the surrounding area and see just how bad things really are.

3. Scouting For Resources

Beyond assessing the surrounding area for the full extent of the damage, you can also use it to scout for resources. For example, if your group is in desperate need of water, you can use your drone to scout for nearby lakes or streams.

4. Delivering Supplies

This one is limited based on how much weight your drone can carry, but you can use your drone to deliver certain kinds of supplies to others in need who are some distance away.

You’ll need to develop some sort of rig or pouch to attach securely to the drone, then place supplies in the pouch. You can deliver food, fire-starting materials, first aid supplies, and so on.

5. Communication and Delivering Messages

Beyond using your drone to deliver supplies, you can also use it to deliver messages. Simply write a note, tape it to the drone, and deliver it accordingly.

6. Distraction

If you need to make a daring escape but hostile forces are in your way, use your drone as a distraction. Fly it over the enemy to get their attention, and fly it relatively close to them.

The idea is that they’ll give chase or attempt to down it while your group can cross by under the radar. You definitely risk losing your drone with this strategy, but it’s still worth mentioning.

7. Remote Surveillance

Finally, do you need to spy on the enemy’s positions or scout the area for signs of other people? You can use your drone to conduct remote surveillance in this fashion, but just take note that you’ll need to fly the drone high up in the air to avoid detection.

For a more detailed discussion of how to use a drone after the SHTF, watch the video by Mike In The Woods below.

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