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When thinking about survival items, pocket knife, flashlights, water filters and the like are the first items that come to mind. But prepping for disaster means utilizing as many items as you can find in your house to ensure survival. Here are some items you may have lying around the house that have surprising survival value. (h/t to DoomsdayMoose.com)

1. Heavy curtains

In a post-SHTF world, your privacy will be more valuable than ever. Add some thick, dark-colored curtains around your home to keep anyone from spying on your activities.

Heavy curtains can also help regulate indoor temperature when you can’t use too much electricity to cool everything down.

2. Metal detector

In a post-SHTF world, you may be forced to live off the land. Having a metal detector on hand can help you forage for useful items and metal scraps, which, with the right tools, can be repurposed into survival items.

3. Plumbing

In a post-SHTF world, conserving water is a top priority. Make sure to have regular maintenance on your house’s plumbing before SHTF.

If you have your own deep well, you can use a generator to run the pump and keep water flowing in the house. If there is a well nearby, you can extract your water using a hand pump.

Additionally, invest in a good working toilet and bidet to save from stocking up on a lot of toilet paper, which can be hard to get during a disaster.

4. Power banks

In this digital age, a lot of products, services and information are acquired through laptops, tablets and smartphones, so having access to power in the early days of a post-SHTF world will be invaluable. In order to keep your communication lines open in such a crucial time, invest in a couple of power banks that can keep your electronic devices running.

It may also serve you well to invest in a solar charger to charge your power banks, especially since the power grid will most likely be affected by disasters. (Related: Doomsday report warns Americans to prepare for six-month grid-down scenario filled with chaos and disruption.)

5. Smartphone

Besides serving as a communication device, your smartphone may come in handy during disasters because of certain apps that can help you keep track of time, access a compass or have a flashlight on hand. You can also download digital guidebooks on foraging edible plants or the basics of surviving in the wild.

That being said, if you are to use a smartphone for post-SHTF scenarios, make sure you choose a model that is tough and durable. To keep your communication lines open a little bit longer than a traditional smartphone, purchase a satellite phone as well.

6. Smart security

You may think that “smart” devices or “smart” homes have no real use in a post-SHTF world, but they can actually be practical in the event of a disaster.

Take smart security. Knowing that your house can automatically lock itself down in moments of danger can be a comforting notion. Moreover, if you can keep the power running throughout the house, your security cameras and alarms can continue to function.

Whatever unusual item or tool you have, it always pays to look for the survival value in everything you own. Learn more about repurposing items into survival tools at SurvivalGear.news.

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