What Is Eating Into Your Budget Every Month

You keep hearing that everyone needs to begin prepping, or that you need to up your prepping for calamities ahead. You already know this though. What some experts fail to tell you however, is how to afford to do all this prepping on a budget.

Prices go up and wages are either stagnate or they have been reduced due to a cut in hours or you had to take a lesser paying job. This all adds up to less money every month and yet you still have the same bills, you still have the same wants and needs and you need to begin prepping or increase your current stockpile. Is there room in your budget? There may be if you take a closer look at it.

Break It All Down

There is any number of places in your budget that you can save money. Only you know what you spend, and on what. You do not need a financial expert to tell you that you can live without cable, cell phones, tablets, fancy cars and the list goes on. You are the only one that can stand up and say, “You know what; I need to start investing in my future by prepping today”. Money spent today on preparations is money invested in you and your family’s future survival.

Saving money or putting some, back for other things require sacrifice and you must have the ability to prioritize your life. You want everything but in reality, you only need a little, and to be able to afford to prep and do other things in life, you have to be able to separate the two. Only you can however, because the best advice in the world is only that, no one will do it for you.

It is easy for others to say get a second job, cut back on this or that and that you can live without certain things. However, once you find yourself unable to meet your needs or to reach goals you have set then you do have to make changes and evaluate your priorities.

You have to be able to make adjustments before you find yourself mired in debt and simply cannot work your way out of it. There is a point of no return in some cases. You have to make changes before you get to that point.

It is too easy for others to give advice and say what you need to do. The premise of this article is not necessarily telling you what to do but pointing you in the right direction so you can make the choices. They will be hard choices; the hard ones are usually the rights ones however.

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