Warning: Some of these DIY perimeter alarms are dangerous. Be very careful and do them at your own risk.To be forewarned is to be forearmed. If you are vulnerable—whether you’re asleep or bugging out—having a perimeter alarm to alert you to intruders can save your life.

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In this video, Sensible Prepper explains how to make six DIY perimeter alarms:

1. Hand Grenade Top and Shotgun Primer

Yes, you read that right. For this alarm, you’ll simply need to purchase shotgun primers (available online or at most gun shows) and a hand grenade top (with the rest of the grenade removed of course). You’ll also need a tripwire and a nail.

Set the grenade top through the screw first through the drilled holes. Then hammer your nail into a tree at about knee height or lower. Tie your tripwire to the grenade top, and place a shotgun primer into the grenade top. When the tripwire is yanked, the shotgun primer will go off to alert you to danger.

2. Mousetrap and Pistol Primers Method

This one is incredibly simple: Just prime your mousetrap and set your pistol primers on the trap, positioned so that they will go off when they come into contact with the spring. Wrap a tripwire around the spring and, when it’s pulled, the spring will launch forward and strike the primers.

3. Sentry Alarm Mines with .22 Blanks

Sentry Alarm Mines are trip alarms that have a trigger that can be cocked upwards with a spring. You then place a blank .22 caliber round into the bottom of the mine.

Attach a string to the trigger and set it up as a tripwire by running it between the mine and a nail hammered into a tree. When the tripwire is pulled, it will yank the trigger and cause the blank to go off.

4. Fithops 209 Trip Alarm

Another choice is the Fithops 209 Trip Alarm that strikes shotgun primers. You simply cock the firing pin back to the rear and lock it into place with the aid of a pin. Attach a tripwire to the pin, and when yanked, it will cause the firing pin to strike forward and strike the primer.

5. Fithops 12 Gauge Trip Alarm

The Fithops 12 Gauge Trip Alarm is a bit of an upgrade over the Fithops 209. Not only is it built out of a more durable steel with a hard coat anodized finish (rather than the 209’s aluminum), it can be used with 12 gauge blanks, which may be more commonly available than simply the primers.

Furthermore, you can also get 12 gauge blank flashbangs, which will create smoke when struck to visually alert you to danger as well.

6. Driveway Alarm

Last but not least is a driveway alarm, which will audibly alert you when anyone walks or crosses by. Some driveway alarms come with a chime sound that goes off inside your house, so you will be alerted to someone’s arrival regardless of where you are in the home.

To see how to make these perimeter alarms, be sure to watch the video by Sensible Prepper below.

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