In this video, I talk a little bit more about my self reliance philosophy, why I eat meat and how I raise, source and process healthy poultry.

Are you prepared for the second wave of COVID? Come hear our thoughts on being prepared.
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With the second wave of COVID either here or nearly on its way, there are some things we should be considering for our own wellbeing. Here’s what’s been on our minds lately, and some of the strategies we’re implementing to continue to be prepared for whatever the future may hold.

Time Stamps
0:00 – Intro
1:51 – Chit Chat
4:40 – Question of the Day – Can I grow medicinal herbs in pots?
5:51 – Main Topic – Preparing for Ongoing COVID Realities
8:06 – Building your health and immunity
10:55 – Building up your long-term food storage supply
16:17 – Building up your preservation supplies
18:04 – Bulking up on household goods
20:10 – Learn about viruses and what’s happening around us
22:19 – Be prepared to treat illness at home
25:38 – Be thinking about schooling at home
27:48 – Be prepared economically as much as is possible

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Embracing autumn on the homestead.The seasons are changing and we have come to realize that summer is over and winter is not far off.




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