When we set our homesteading goals for 2020, we also set a homesteading budget. We have been doing a monthly budget since 2010, when started the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover, so it normal for us to plan out our finances. So we are doing the same thing for our homesteading activities. We have estimated the cost to raise our animals, plant a garden, to fish and hunt, and collect firewood,. We estimated the cost to build several projects we have in this years goals. Plus we are planning to purchase new tools and equipment. We put a lot of thought into our budget, hopefully we didnt miss anything.

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Planting the Orchard

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We live in southeastern Illinois on a 41 acres homestead. We just finished building our log cabin overlooking our pond. We are trying to grow our own food and raise livestock. Follow us on our journey living the rural life and developing our property and becoming more self sufficient.