When SHTF and world have gone berserk, these essential homemade weapons can protect you and your loved ones. Any prepper or survivalist will tell you that the advantage of having weapons can’t be stressed enough. It’s ingrained in each one of us; we must have one or a few (or a dozen) or else and when things get really ugly, we’re left to fend for ourselves. What would you do when there is no gun or ammo around? It’s when these improvised weapons will come into play.

How to Craft These Essential Homemade Weapons

1. Homemade Knife

Knives carved themselves an indispensable spot in a survival situation. They are versatile tools you can use for a variety of task. Their ability to cut, slice, and dice along with its size make it one of the most excellent self-defense weapons we can use. So when you find yourself in dire straits, knowing how to make a homemade knife will give you an edge and increase your chances of survival.

2. Homemade Mini Cannon

You can easily turn an ordinary BBQ lighter into a mini cannon which shoots airsoft pellets. You just need a BBQ lighter, an epoxy or any strong adhesive, a few screws, and a drill. Find out the simple steps to make your own homemade mini cannon.

3. Homemade Bow

You’ll never believe how easy it is to make your own DIY bow. The first thing which comes into the mind of a survivalist when they think of survival bow is getting it from some hearty tree sampling in the woods but actually, we can use readily available materials like a scrap PVC. Learn how to make your own PVC fiberglass bow here!

4. Homemade War Hammer

Just looking at this bad boy leaves you in awe of its destructive power. You can make it out of common plumbing pipe which you can get at your local hardware store. This homemade weapon may have a simple design but never underestimate its potential to defend you when SHTF. Find out how to make this DIY war hammer!

5. Homemade Sword

Sure it’s medieval, but a sword has long reach and it is one of the most effective and lethal self-defense weapons you can make provided you know how to use it. Check out the step by step instructions and the materials you need to create your homemade sword.

6. Homemade Stun Grenade

In an SHTF situation, when the crowd becomes unruly and they are coming after you, having a DIY flashbang can keep you safe and deter your attackers. One of the most effective improvised street weapons you can create. All you need are some PVC plugs and couplings, glue, baking powder, and vinegar. Learn the simple instructions to make a homemade stun grenade.

7. Homemade Slingshot

Hit your target or attacker from a distance with this homemade slingshot. It is easy to make and you can use a variety of ammunition. You can steel balls, bearing, rocks, pebbles, marbles, and whatnot. And if you have a good aim, this slingshot can be as deadly as a firearm in close proximity. Find out the different ways to make your own homemade slingshots!

8. Homemade Saw Blade Slinger

No one, not even a zombie, would want to be on the receiving end of this slinger. This homemade saw blade slinger may be a bit eccentric but this bad boy is extremely deadly. Here are the steps in making your own saw blade slinger! You can include this one on zombie apocalypse weapons.

9. Homemade Compound Bow

Compound bows are easier to pull than traditional bows and give you more time to take aim. This is what makes it an ideal weapon when SHTF. You can simply make your own compound bow using a few items.

10. Homemade Arrowhead

Now that you have your bow, it’s time you make a broadhead with a spoon. In times of distress and survival, it’s not enough just knowing how to defend yourself. Other skills such as hunting will increase your chances of survival. And this is where your bow and arrow will come into play. Find out the simple ways in making a homemade arrowhead out of a spoon!

11. Homemade Throwing Stars

Summon your inner ninja with these shurikens, just be careful in handling them. This is a great alternative weapon to defend yourself without using a gun. Learn how to make this homemade throwing stars in 7 easy steps!

12. Homemade Pump-Action Rocket Gun

This is a very interesting project which has great potential for some more research and development. A homemade pump-action rocket gun is not difficult to make plus, the materials you need are affordable and easy to come by. Here are the instructions for building your own pump-action rocket gun.

13. Homemade Flame Thrower

Scare away or burn away intruders or attackers with a homemade flamethrower. Hell, you can even kill zombies with this badass weapon. Ever played Plants Vs. Zombies? Find out how to make a flamethrower using an air compressor.

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14. Homemade Survival Cane

This is probably one of the best innocent-looking weapons you can make but don’t be fooled by its appearance. For a cane can be deadly when utilized by a trained person or even in the hands of an angry mob. A cane is not just one of the most excellent self-defense weapons, you can also turn it into a survival equipment. Here’s how to make a survival cane!

15. Homemade Mini Stun Gun

It’s not as powerful as the real stun gun, but it’s enough to give a good shock. You can adjust it and add more power to it if you deem fit. This homemade weapon is pretty easy to do— anyone who knows how to use a soldering iron can hack it. Check out the easy step in making a homemade mini stun gun.

16. Homemade Landmine

This homemade lunch-bomber landmine can blast airsoft pellets or any material you want. In an SHTF situation, anything can be used as a weapon even an ordinary lunch box. A homemade landmine is an interesting and fun project but things might go south and hurt those around you if you are not careful. Find out how to build one!

17. Homemade Bat

One of the easiest to find weapons when SHTF is a baseball bat but you can turn your Louisville Slugger into a more deadlier weapon. After all, in a post-apocalyptic period, it’s either kill or be killed. Find out the different ways to modify your good ole reliable baseball bats and use it when things go sour.

18. Homemade Primitive Club

Knowing how to make a homemade primitive club is a good leverage in a survival situation. In the event when you don’t access to guns or pistol, these homemade clubs can be used to smash or hit your attacker. One solid strike can certainly knock them out! Check out the materials you need and the instructions to make a primitive club.

19. Homemade Staff

With the right technique, even a wooden staff is a formidable weapon. Just like a primitive club or a baseball bat, a homemade staff can surely deliver your opponent to the ground. This project is pretty straightforward to do. All you need to do is look for a robust stick then, voila! You now have a weapon to defend yourself.

20. Homemade Pocket Dart Gun

This little dart gun is proof that even small weapons can be dangerous, especially when you hit your assailant in the weak spots such as the eyes. Learn how to make this homemade pocket dart gun and do some practice shots after.

The good thing about DIY weapons is you can always improve them to make them better or more effective. Knowing how to use these essential homemade weapons is also important. Take the time to learn the techniques. This will make the weapon safer and more useful. You may not have semi-automatic rifles with high-capacity magazines and an armor-piercing bullet or powerful assault weapons, but these essential homemade weapons listed above can protect you when things become a little unruly.

Do you have other essential homemade weapons in mind? Share it with us in the comments section below! 

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